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Anyone of you who has played League of Legends will probably have experienced it. Queue times for a game vary from a few seconds to several minutes. But you’ve probably never waited for a game as long as this player here.

Again and again players report that they are stuck in queues for a long time. This occasionally has something to do with ranking. When the ranking is higher and you want to get a certain role, sometimes you wait a long time.

The client can also be to blame and has a bug. This can then not assign you to an open lobby and you wait forever minutes. Various players have repeatedly waited longer periods of time. But if you’re inactive for too long, the client actually logs you out automatically.

What is the world record in LoL now? Not so with the following player. He managed to queue and document it for a full 7 days – 10,107 minutes.

So far there have only been attempts to last up to 10,000 minutes, which were interrupted by the automatic logout.

A week queue in League of Legends

What did the player accomplish? The player “TFT Champion” from the Turkish LoL servers is a level 12 player. He played his last game 4 months ago and only today did his first game (as of September 20th/via It seems to be a very infrequent player, just playing LoL’s fun modes.

This player has restarted League of Legends after months of hiatus and has queued for the Ultimate Spellbook fun mode. After 10,107 minutes, the player then shot a video. He lasted long enough to clock over 10,000 minutes. That’s almost 168 hours or 7 days.

On the video you can see that the queue time continues to increase, but the player cannot break out of the queue or the group. This is a bug that some LoL players have probably experienced before. Towards the end of the video, he closes the client to restart the game.

We have included the video for you here. Check it out yourself:

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The record of probably the longest queue time

The LoL client always has bugs: It’s not uncommon for the League of Legends client to have a bug or two. For years, players have repeatedly noted that they have long queue times.

The player “CheaBoo” already waited with a friend in the queue for Summoner’s Rift for at least 73 minutes 3 years ago (via Reddit), while the player “Kio” waited a total of 2,274 for the One for All fun mode: waited 59 minutes (via Reddit).

What’s with the long queues? Longer queues are fairly common in League of Legends. If many players with different roles queue up at the same time, a game will be found quite quickly, but if everyone is playing the same role or nobody wants to play, then it will take much longer.

If you’ve watched the Pro Players stream, you’ll see something exciting. The queue times are then, for example, up to 20 minutes long. Streamers start queuing while they play something else.

Here is a short list of some of the games LCK top star “Faker” plays while waiting for a game (via YouTube) :

  • ALTF4
  • Rhythm Doctor
  • minesweeper
  • Little Nightmare II
  • Even top players have to contend with long queues. You can learn more about Faker here:

    The Life of Faker – That’s why he’s a living legend

    Can anything be done about it? If you’re having a long queue time, you can try exiting and rejoining the queue. Then you will line up again from the beginning, but a potential bug can be ruled out.

    But if you can’t get out of the queue, the only thing that helps is restarting the client.

    Expect high queue times for some players. In such a case, do as the pros do and find a game that you can play on the side to keep your concentration high or train your reflexes.

    Have you already had long waiting times or has something like this happened to you before? Then write it to us in the comments.

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