Played poker – was exposed to arson in Norrköping

Played poker was exposed to arson in Norrkoping


Several people are said to have been sitting and playing poker in Norrköping when a loud bang was heard.

Then a fire broke out.

According to reports, someone then threw a Molotov cocktail at the premises.

At around 03.40 the police received an alarm that there had been a detonation in central Norrköping. On site, they were able to ascertain that two shop windows had been blown out at a premises on Butgatan.

– It is about some kind of cafe and there were people inside the premises when we arrived at the scene, said Linus Maxe, commander of the regional command center at the police region East, last night.

According to Aftonbladet’s information, about ten people were in the room playing poker when the crime occurred. According to sources, it is suspected that someone threw a Molotov cocktail at the premises. A car is said to have been seen leaving the scene in connection with the crime.

– I woke up to a sick bang, said a resident nearby, during the night.


full screen Photo: Ulf Wigh / Wighsnews

Details: Connected to local area networks

No one was injured in the fire, but the police are investigating the incident as arson. On their website, they write that some form of flammable liquid probably caused the explosion.

It is also suspected that the incident is connected to the gang environment, according to information. Something that the police cannot confirm yet.

– We are checking if there are possible network connections, but it is too early to answer at this stage, says Angelica Israelsson Silver, spokesperson for the police region East.

No people have been arrested so far.

Details: Several crimes connected to the gang environment

Recently, several acts of violence have occurred in Norrköping. According to information, the police suspect that it is a conflict between local networks, and that the crime is connected.

Several of the acts are also believed to have been directed against relatives of a gang criminal.

Aftonbladet has previously reported on a large drug seizure in Norrköping. According to TV4’s information, the conflict between the criminals in Norrköping must have escalated after the seizure.

Among other things, they are said to have created a vacuum in the drug market that the criminals are now trying to take over.