Planned Iron Man movie fell through for an incredibly stupid reason

Planned Iron Man movie fell through for an incredibly stupid

With Iron Man, Marvel laid the foundation for the multi-billion dollar MCU success story in 2008. Before Robert Downey Jr. slipped into the superhero role, another studio already wanted to bring Tony Stark’s adventures to the big screen. But the project failed due to the completely bizarre way of thinking of a producer.

Before Robert Downey Jr.: Iron Man was ‘too heavy to fly’

In the early 2000s, today’s Marvel competitor Warner was working on an Iron Man film, but development eventually fizzled out. A source from The Hollywood Reporter has now revealed the reasons. Apparently one of the key producers felt Iron Man be”too heavy to fly“. So the whole project makes no sense. And was scrapped in 2005.

How he came to this conclusion will be a mystery to most Marvel fans. At least ask superhuman abilities and sci-fi technologies has always been one of the core points of the superhero genre. Canceling such a project because of a lack of realism is simply absurd.

The bizarre decision unwittingly gave birth to the most successful film genre of our time. After Warner, the rights to Iron Man returned to Marvel, which eventually Robert Downey Jr. brought to the big screen as the MCU torchbearer. With flying combat suit. And prudent producers.

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