PIXEL 6. The new smartphones from Google have finally been officially presented. No surprise, however, because the features of the Pixels 6 and 6 Pro had become open secrets … and they are quite tempting.

PIXEL 6 The new smartphones from Google have finally been

PIXEL 6. The new smartphones from Google have finally been officially presented. No surprise, however, because the features of the Pixels 6 and 6 Pro had become open secrets … and they are quite tempting.

[Mise à jour mercredi 20 octobre à 10 h 30] Unlike Apple, which has practiced secrecy for a long time, Google never hesitates to speak openly about its products and projects. Since this summer, the Mountain View firm has continued to distill information about the Pixels 6 and 6 Pro, its new smartphones cut out for photography. After revealing the design – to say the least original – of its mobiles, then some technical characteristics, Google has leaked a lot of information, mostly from resellers. Rumors that were confirmed when the Pixels 6 and 6 Pro were officially announced on October 19. Here’s everything you need to know about them.

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What is the Pixel 6 release date?

In a Twitter post posted on October 5, Google finally announced the official launch date for its next Pixels. Both models are available for pre-order since October 19. They will join merchant stalls, starting with the Google Store, from October 28. Google’s ambition is to manufacture seven million devices by the end of the year to compete with Apple, Samsung and Xiaomi on their core target with high-end smartphones. The firm plans to produce (and sell) 50% more than in 2019. Remember that since the arrival of the Pixels in our regions (with the Pixel 3 released in 2018), Google has not had of ceasing to come and titillate the giants of the market without ever making them tremble despite the good performances of its devices.

What are the technical specifications of the Pixel 6?

On Saturday, October 9, the website of a specialized reseller, Carphone Warehouse, sold the wick by publishing detailed sheets of Google mobiles and the software innovations that accompany them. All information was confirmed on October 19 during the official announcement.

Better yet, a video posted on YouTube that same Saturday presented in detail the assembly of a Pixel 6 Pro. Visibly intended for repairers, we could see many of its components of the device and its internal architecture. These leaks – organized or not – made it possible before the time to have a very broad overview of the capacities of the two devices.

An atypical design

The Pixels 6 and 6 Pro feature a design that is a real break with what is usually done in the smartphone world. If the front face remains fairly standard with an Oled screen and a punch at the top for the front camera (we note in passing the presence of a curved slab on the 6 Pro model), the rear on the other hand is adorned with a prominent broadband to integrate photo sensors. To further mark their difference, these mobiles are dressed in colored shells in two shades. It’s hard not to identify them at first glance.

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A single processor

Exit the Qualcomm Snapdragon chips that previously equipped the Pixels. Like Apple, which equips its iPhone, Mac and iPad with its own processors, Google offers itself the Google Tensor, a homemade chip, specially designed for its devices. A custom chip, cut for Android and which should make sparks on the Pixels 6 and 6 Pro, especially in the field of photography. Moreover, we learn that this chip will be able to carry out complex operations such as the “magic eraser” which makes it possible to remove objects or people from the pictures like what the artificial intelligence Sensei of the editing software offers. Photoshop image. This function does not require an Internet connection. The Tensor chip is able to perform this operation on its own.

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This new, more powerful processor is also capable of translating into 55 different languages ​​without again requiring an Internet connection, including using the camera for text recognition.

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A 120 Hz screen … on the Pro model

Oled technology obviously remains on the Pixels but versions 6 and 6 Pro would stand out on two points. The size of the screen on the one hand with a panel of 6.4 inches on the Pixel 6 and 6.7 inches, curved, on the Pixel 6 Pro. On the other hand, the refresh rate settles at 90Hz for the smallest of the models and climbs to 120Hz, as is the current trend, on the Pixel 6 Pro. On the latter, the refresh may vary between 10 Hz and 120 Hz depending on the use to save the battery.

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An outstanding camera

It is in the field of photography that we expect the new Pixels. Since the Pixel 3, Google has not ceased to produce devices with almost irreproachable photographic assets, repeatedly praised by the specialized press. To continue this momentum, the Pixel 6 have a 50 Megapixel main sensor (a Samsung ISOCELL GN1) which lets in 150% more light compared to the one that equips the Pixel 5. There is also a 12 Megapixel ultra wide-angle. A comprehensive set on the 6 Pro model of a real 4x 48 Megapixel telephoto lens. All of this, supported by the firm’s intelligent image correction system, should provide startling results. Finally, the Pro model also benefits from a selfie sensor covering an angle of 94 ° for group photos.

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Improved autonomy

With its Pixel 5, Google had already made progress to improve the autonomy of its mobiles. The Pixel 6 and 6 Pro should do even better. They have a 4614 mAh and 5000 mAh battery respectively, but it is above all the use of the Google Tensor processor specially built for the Pixels (and Android 12) that the difference should be felt. As a reminder, iPhone batteries do not display the most spectacular capacity on the market, which does not prevent Apple mobiles from performing well in this field thanks to Bionic chips and the tailor-made iOS system. In addition, both models benefit from a 30 W fast wired charge allowing you to regain 50% charge in 30 minutes. The two models also adopt a wireless charging system: 21 W on the Pixel 6 and 23 W on the Pixel 6 Pro.

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What is the price of the Google Pixel 6?

The new smartphones are aimed at the high end.“Google has not tackled high-end smartphones in recent years: this time will be different”, said Rick Osterloh, head of the “hardware” branch at Google, to The Verge site at the end of August. We could therefore have expected prices worthy of those exercised at Apple. However, it is not. Indeed, the prices are below the high-end references of the market. The pixel 6 starts at 649 euros and the Pixel 6 Pro at 899 euros. Note that by pre-ordering, you can take advantage of an offer combining a Pixel and a free Bose 700 headset. The offer is valid until October 27, when pre-orders end.

Finally, we also note that Google has decided to extend the monitoring of its Pixels models to 5 years. Smartphones will thus benefit from security updates as well as major Android developments.