Pinterest urges employees to stay silent

According to the company’s announcement, employees should no longer remain silent in the face of such events. We can say that this is one of the efforts to improve the reputation of the company. In the most recent lawsuit, the company had agreed to commit $50 million to increase diversity and inclusion within the company.

The shareholder sued Pinterest after the allegations made by former employees Ifeoma Ozoma and Aerica Shimizu Banks were made public. In a series of tweets, Ozoma described how she fought for a year to be treated fairly. Things got out of hand when the name and phone number of one of her white male colleagues was shared online. The company waged war against racist and misogynistic policies. According to the lawsuit, the shareholder complained of scope within the company that was described as “white supremacist.”

Now the company has rolled up its sleeves to fix its damaged reputation. “We pushed these sweeping reforms to empower Pinterest employees with a fair and safe workplace and strengthen the company’s brand and performance by ensuring that inclusivity values ​​are at the heart of Pinterest’s identity,” the statement said.

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