Piano Mattei, Meloni ‘Let’s involve the Italian system’

Piano Mattei Meloni Lets involve the Italian system

(Finance) – Beyond 40 thousand hectares cultivated for the growth of Africa with the creation of jobs, the supply of goods and services, the development of agroenergy from renewable sources and the transmission of knowledge and technology for local production and the development of new sales networks with farmers markets to provide a concrete alternative to the phenomenon of migration, developing local economies and enhancing cooperation. All with the aim of generating thousands of jobs within the next two years that is supported by supply chains that develop starting from agriculture. is the project promoted by Coldiretti with BF, Filiera Italia and Cai (Italian Agricultural Consortiums) as part of the Plan presented by the Government during the control room at Palazzo Chigi in the presence of Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni.
“The project – highlight Coldiretti, BF, Filiera Italia and Cai in a note – is part of a scenario of contacts and exchanges at an international level with the collaboration of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Sovereignty for agreements for the supply of machinery, technology, seeds and knowledge but also basic food products. A collaboration that involves from Algeria to Egypt, from Angola to Ghana”. “The project – continue Coldiretti, BF, Filiera Italia and Cai – involves the production of strategic crops for local consumption such as wheat, soya, corn , rice, bananas, vegetables and fruit of various types. Local farmers will be able to follow training and specialization courses provided by BF.”

“It’s a composition that it arises from a clearly political choiceinvolving the entire Italian system in the great challenge of the Mattei Plan, networking the best experiences that already exist, the most effective projects and the adequate resources we have at our disposal”, says the Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni speaking in the control room on the Mattei Plan.

“Concreteness and speed” are the inputs of Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni to the participants in the first control room meeting on the Mattei Plan, which lasted approximately two and a half hours. “We will treasure this availability and try to make the most of it”, said the Prime Minister, explaining that “the first summary note on the Plan”, distributed to participants, “is constantly updated and open to your contributions”. “Since we have to be concrete and fast – continued the Prime Minister during the meeting at Palazzo Chigi – I ask you to have them reach the mission structure, and therefore to the diplomatic advisor Saggio, by the end of this month. This will allow us to arrive at a consolidated draft of the text which we will be able to approve in the second session of the control room, which I would like to convene in the month of April, to continue moving forward with our work”.

The initiatives also include Mami (Mediterranean African Markets Initiative), created in Africa and financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and carried out by Ciheam Bari with the collaboration of Coldiretti, World Farmes Market and Campagna Amica. The Mami, who foresees the creation of a network of markets in Tunisia, Egypt, Kenya, Lebanon and Albania, saw a first phase of training for managers of the farmers markets of the countries involved in the Ciheam headquarters, after which field missions began in Egypt and Kenya where work is already underway to open the first markets. All the actions implemented are part of a commitment to combat food insecurity which in the world affects those who live in rural areas more: 33% of adults compared to 26% of those who live in urban areas, with the paradox that those who produce food, through breeding and cultivation, are actually not able to have enough to feed your family due to ongoing speculation on food and land prices. Initiatives for which Italy can make its unique experience available in the world with the largest organized network of farmers’ markets in Europe with 15,000 farmers involved in approximately 1,200 farmers markets in Campagna Amica.