Pia Sundhage reveals her favorite football team – and points out the most beautiful reason

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Pia Sundhage is one of Swedish football’s true greats.
But she also has a big favorite team in her heart.
And she cheers for the team thanks to a really good reason.

There are few in Swedish women’s football who can measure up Pia Sundhages huge track record and how much she meant to young Swedish footballers. she broke through already in the 70s and would become one of Sweden’s leading players and coaches on the women’s side.

Sundhage’s career

Sundhage won four SM golds with Jitex and four cup titles with Jitex and Hammarby at club team level. Together with the Swedish national team, she wrote blue and yellow sports history with EC gold in 1984 as well as WC bronze and double EC silver.

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220628 Assistant coach Lilie Persson and head coach Pia Sundhage of Brazil ahead of the women’s international friendly football match between Sweden and Brazil on June 28, 2022 in Stockholm. Photo: Fredrik Karlsson / BILDBYRÅN / COP 185 / LT0341

The Swedish pioneer also tested for games abroad with Italian Lazio before his career ended in 1996. After that, Pia quickly moved on to a coaching career and had his big international breakthrough as the national team captain for the USA.

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The world’s best Pia

The Swede won two straight Olympic gold medals with the USA and was also named “Women’s Coach of the Year” at the Fifa Gala in 2013. After the great success in North America, Sundhage then returned home to Sweden to take over the blue-yellow national team.

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160802 Confederation captain Pia Sundhage during a training session with the Swedish women’s national soccer team on August 2, 2016 ahead of the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. Photo: Petter Arvidson / BILDBYRÅN / code PA / 91417

There were both Olympic silver and EC bronze with Sweden during the five years at the helm and today the Swede Pia Sundhage is the national team captain for the soccer-mad nation of Brazil. In 2003, she was also inducted into Swedish football’s Hall of Fame as the very first woman, which says a lot about her greatness.

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Favorite team

But alongside her great deeds on the football field, the Swedish legend has a favorite team that is really close to her heart. Sundhage’s favorite soccer team is Hammarby, a club for which she has both played and coached.

And she has the most beautiful reason why she likes “Bajen” so much.
– Because I’ve had a fantastic time in the green and white shirt. And because you often wear heels there, said Pia in an old interview with Aftonbladet.

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