Physical recall issued for Tesla Cybertruck

First deliveries for Tesla Cybertruck have finally been made

Tesla Cybertruck The mechanical problem that caused their deliveries to stop has turned into a physical recall as of today. So the problem is software related will not be solved.

Tesla recently halted all Cybertruck deliveries for a week because There was a mechanical problem with the vehicle’s accelerator pedal. Due to this problem, approximately 3,878 Cybertrucks were recalled today (All vehicles sold in the USA). National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Within the scope of the recall made by Cybertruck owners, they must go to Tesla services and have the pedal replaced (Of course it’s free). The problem occurred recently directly Here It was also revealed in a TikTok video that you can watch. As far as reported, the part above the gas pedal of the vehicle It can detach while driving and leave the gas pressed at 100 percent.. This is caused by the design choice in front of the accelerator pedal, the pedal moving forward remains stuck where it is. Its design is still controversial Tesla Cybertruck The model is ready for wireless charging infrastructure, which has not yet been offered before. found. Tesla For the kidnappers, at the end of last year, Germany-based WiferionIt came to the fore with the news that it was making plans to acquire . It was later revealed that the company made this purchase quietly. open at the beginning of the year Stating that he wants to bring wireless charging to model series vehicles It was said that the company would achieve this much faster with the technologies of Wiferion, which was founded in 2016. However, Tesla later took an interesting step and WiferionHe sold .


The new owner of that company PULSE While it was announced as, Tesla took a logical step and despite the sale WiferionIt was claimed that he retained key engineers of . This issue came to the agenda directly with Cybertruck in the past months. because it turned out that the vehicle has special connections for wireless charging infrastructure. If the company releases a special wireless charging system in the coming period, this system can be easily attached to the Cybertruck and thus the vehicle can be charged wirelessly effortlessly.

Tesla’s wireless charging plan is currently specifically It focuses on home use. On this basis, drivers will add a wireless charging device to their home garages, and vehicles that support this will be available. It will start charging as soon as it is parked in the garage.. Yes, installing a charging cable into an electric car is not a difficult thing, but the company wants to completely remove the charging process from people’s minds, and the infrastructure is also a good precaution against vandalism and theft.

Tesla Cybertruck was found to be ready for wireless charging