Photo-focused nudity protection is coming for Instagram DMs

Photo focused nudity protection is coming for Instagram DMs

One of the most important platforms of social media Instagram, finally taking action against a problem that bothers many beating.

Researching beta versions of apps Alessandro Paluzzi, Instagram continues to find new features for The last of these is the roof company. Meta also approved by “nudity protection” it happened. direct messages (Direct Message / DM) The infrastructure, which is prepared for and actively tested, scans the photos in the incoming messages directly within the device and “substantiallyif it detects nudity it hides it. It is up to the user to look at the incoming photo after this point or not.

This feature, which will be optional, meaning that it will not be built-in for everyone, seems especially useful for women. It is stated that more information for the feature, which is still in the early development stage, will be shared in the coming weeks.

Of course, the company does other work as well. for example to TechCrunch made a statement recently Instagram, on Twitter “retweet” stated that they will start testing similar re-sharing infrastructure. “Repost” feature referred to as will allow them to re-share content shared by others in their own streams.

For these reposts, there is a special “” for personal profiles.repostThe company, which will put the ” section, will also ensure that content producers stand out over their original posts. new infrastructure It will be tested on a small audience first.


The company also continues its “copying” works. About copying the infrastructure of the BeReal application doing tests and around posts on this side Instagram that turned out to put a blue ringwill also allow people to create and share an event soon.

The firm will also will also allow people to share Reels that only their close friends can see. To mute soon message notifications platform that will give people the chance to choose a timeis also running tests on adding emojis to music stickers.