Peugeot started adding ChatGPT to some of its vehicles

Peugeot also announced that it will add ChatGPT to its

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As far as we know today 208, 2008, 308, 308SW, 408, 508, 508 SW, E-3008, E-RIFTER, E-TRAVELLER, E-Partner And E-Expert In some regions/countries, modern vehicles such as ChatGPT to be granted access started. Soon E-5008 About the advanced chat bot that will come for Peugeot Turkey had previously said the following: “ChatGPT is offered with i-COCKPIT on all models. Peugeot has implemented the customer experience, one of the 5 elements of the E-Lion project, and ChatGPT technology in all passenger and commercial vehicles.Starting from the second half of 2024, primarily in 5 pilot markets) takes it even further by offering it in its product range. ChatGPT, the best known productive artificial intelligence model, is integrated into the Peugeot i-Cockpit and turns into a real companion that can answer countless questions and requests on all kinds of topics through the OK Peugeot voice assistant. When the OK Peugeot voice assistant is activated, simply speaking the query is enough for ChatGPT to respond in an enriched way. Generative AI can provide answers to specific questions. For example, it can recommend places to visit in a city and direct the user there in coordination with the navigation system. But it can also add color to the journey by interacting with passengers and support the user’s creativity.”

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CES 2024 kapsamında yapılan açıklamaya göre OpenAI tarafından geliştirilen üretken yapay zeka temelli sohbet botu ChatGPT, 2024’ün ikinci çeyreği itibarıyla Volkswagen araçların bir parçası halini de alacak. Tiguan, Passat ve Golf gibi popüler modeller yanında ID serisi elektrikli araçlara da gelecek sistem, kişilerin araçlarıyla daha önce hiç olmadığı düzeyde iletişim kurmasına imkan tanıyacak, ChatGPT sayesinde birçok konuda sürüş sırasında detaylı bilgi alınabilecek ya da araç özellikleri sohbet botuna söylenerek yönetilebilecek.