Petter Northug’s great tribute to Swedish Alvar Myhlback – now fears his 17(!) year old record: “Capable”

Petter Northug has held the record for 17 years.
Now he is ready to see that blow – by the Swedish super talent Alvar Myhlback.

– It can still smoke more than you think, says Northug.

Alvar Myhlback already had a huge breakthrough last winter, and during the summer the hype surrounding the 17-year-old Swede hasn’t exactly diminished. Myhlback is one of the skiing world’s absolute hottest despite not even having done a World Cup race yet. But he has, to say the least, made an impression nonetheless.

Incredible tribute

Already in the Swedish premiere in Burksvallarna last winter, he was successful when he came third in his first ever individual sprint. Earlier this year, he also finished eighth in the Vasaloppet. During the summer he has been a smash hit in Norway and its roller skiing competitions, when he came third only behind superstars Johannes Hösflot Kläbo and Simen Hegstad Krüger. Soon after, he won the 15 kilometer race, which led to huge cheers. Kläbo called him, among other things, “an insane talent”.

221120 Alvar Myhlback, Sågmyra SK competes in the men’s 15 km freestyle during the Bruksvall race on November 20, 2022 in Bruksvallarna. Photo: Johan Axelsson / BILDBYRÅN

The success surprised even Alvar Myhlback himself.

– I really didn’t imagine being equal to Kläbo and Krüger, but there is nothing as nice as surprising yourself, says Myhlback to Norwegian NRK.

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Northug’s play on the record

There was talk that Myhlback would get the chance in the World Cup already last year, but it is extremely rare for the top nations to release such young skaters. This winter, however, it is likely that he will get the chance – and then a very special record can be broken. Petter Northug is the youngest male World Cup winner ever, when he won in 2006 as a 20-year-old. The record has stood for 17 years – but Northug now sees Myhlback breaking it.

– The record can go up in smoke faster than you think. It will probably be tough this winter, but already next year he may be capable of taking the record, says the Norwegian icon.

230305 Petter Northug after Vasaloppet on March 5, 2023 in Mora. Photo: Daniel Eriksson / BILDBYRÅN

Petter Northug believes that Myhlback has an incredibly bright future, and even calls him the “saviour”.

– The Swedish national team management sees that he is mentally mature despite his young age. WC medal in Trondheim 2025 is absolutely not impossible. He can be a new savior for Swedish skiing, he says.

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