Petrol station strike, lifted on second day of protests: stations open from 7pm (10pm on the highway)

Petrol station strike lifted on second day of protests stations

(Finance) – The strike of the petrol stations started yesterday. The service stations in fact they reopened at 7pm this evening (10pm on the motorway) after the decision to cancel the second scheduled day by Figisc-Anisa Confcommercio And Fegica Cisl following a new table to the Ministry of Enterprise and Made in Italy, convened following a public meeting held in the morning in the Sala Capranichetta in Piazza Montecitorio in Rome. The third promoting theme, Faib Confesercentihad already taken a similar decision yesterday.

The promoters have made it known that the protest has gathered between 80 and 90 percent of memberships, net of refueling stations which by law had to remain open guaranteeing the minimum essential levels of service. The decision to reopen was made “in favor of motorists, certainly not for the Government“, explained the presidents of Fegica and Figisc. Today’s meeting at the ministry “failed to highlight any concrete element that could even allow us to imagine interventions on the very serious problems of the sector and structural price containment”. According to the two abbreviations “le proposals amendments advanced by the Government to its own decree do not remove the manifest intention of identifying petrol stations as the recipients of confusing, counterproductive as well as clearly accusing obligations”.

Faib Confesercenti he had already announced yesterday that he wanted to halve the duration of the closure, from 48 to 24 hours, referring to a “constructive discussion with the executive”.

“The protest is proving to be a failure – declared the president of Absolute usersFurio Truzzi – The acronyms that had initially proclaimed the strike have split, and numerous distributors have decided not to join the lockout, to the point that today motorists can find many working pumps throughout the territory, even if only in self-service mode “. If the lockout hadn’t been lifted by today, the association had said it intended to proclaim for 4 and 5 February “a counter-protest” inviting “citizens to reduce the consume Of gas And diesel, renounce the use of motor vehicles where possible and send a strong signal to the Government, oil and gas station operators”. At the news of the revocation, a new note from Assoutenti defined “una fool” that of the managers.