Petition and protests against Tony Blair’s decoration to the highest rank of knight

Petition and protests against Tony Blairs decoration to the highest

In the United Kingdom, a petition, signed by more than a million people, calls for the revocation of the honors given to Tony Blair. The former Labor Prime Minister had committed the country to the war in Iraq, a decision which continues to tarnish his reputation.

With our correspondent in London, Sidonie Gaucher

Tony suits me perfectly, no need to call me Sir. It was with these words that Tony Blair brushed aside criticism of his appointment to the Order of the Garter, the highest of the British orders of chivalry. Fifteen years after leaving office, the former Prime Minister continues to arouse deep rejection in his country.

Proof, a petition has collected nearly 1,200,000 signatures requesting the revocation of this honorary title. It reads that ” Tony Blair has caused irreparable damage to the UK and its society […]. He should be held accountable for war crimes “.

He lied ! He lied to Parliament and dragged us into an illegal war by falsifying reports on weapons of mass destruction. It was shocking. And so I’m not surprised by this petition, because it makes a mockery of the whole honors system. When you think other people could be honored for working in the NHS. Something much more honourable, in the truest sense of the word. »

Unless the Queen agrees to overturn her appointment, parliamentarians have planned to stage a protest during the June investiture at Windsor Castle.