Peter Haber is replaced by Beck – replaced by yet another Norwegian star

Peter Haber is replaced by Beck replaced by yet

Excitement was high before the 50th Beck film “Dödläge” premiered earlier this year. In the film, a criminal man is found brutally murdered in his apartment, known to the police for his involvement in a large cash-in-transit robbery in which the loot was never recovered.

But the police investigation takes a drastic turn when one of the group mysteriously disappears.

Peter Haber waited to see the new Beck

The immensely popular police commissioner Martin Beck has been played by the actor Peter Haber71, in all years.

In connection with Dödläge’s premiere in February, he said that he – unlike many fans – did not intend to rush over the film.

– I’ve been waiting so long that it seems to have disappeared a little from my body, if you know what I mean. Then I can see the film, he said in an interview with Moviezine.

Therefore, Peter Haber chooses not to see “Beck – Deadlock”

Photo: Stella Pictures”Viewers will appreciate a little Norwegian dominance”

But now it is clear that 50 films is all we will see of Peter Haber in the role of Beck.

He has been replaced, and from the next film it is a compatriot of the Norwegian Kristofer Hivju (that plays Gunvald Larsson) who takes over the baton.

The data reaches News24 during Monday and comes directly from Peder von Schnitzelbaum – celebrity manager of the organization NISTOW (Norway Is The Only Way), and the film’s assistant Food and Mood manager.

– It has long been on the agenda to “Norgeify” Beck, and now we are one step closer to it. I think the viewers will appreciate a bit of Norwegian dominance, we think it feels great in any case.

Beck becomes “Becki” – she takes over

Whoever takes Peter Haber’s place is none other than the “Exit” star Agnes Kittelsen43. She has been married to the musician since 2016 Lars Winnerbäckwhom she met during the filming of the television series “Dag” in 2013.

Agnes Kittelsen plays “Becki”. Photo: Stella Pictures

She will both modernize and feminize the character, according to von Schnitzelbaum:

– You’re fed up with Martin Beck – so, now I’ve said it… But how do you refresh such a gloomy police commissioner? One day this summer when I was practicing obedience with my walking sticks Rib and Brown cheese then it hit me, he tells Nyheter24 and continues:

– Beck must become a woman. We have chosen to call her Becky.

Norwegian stars in Sweden have received criticism

Norwegian profiles that take place in Sweden have been up for discussion several times recently.

In January this year, it became clear that Friends Arena in Solna will change its name to Strawberry Arena, named after Norwegian Petter Stordalens hotel chain. The change takes place in July, and became a real watershed among the Swedes.

And as recently as a few weeks ago, the Norwegian pair of twins combed Marcus and Martinus Gunnarsen home the win in Melodifestivalen 2024. That also led to a heated debate, and many television viewers asked themselves why they are competing for Sweden instead of their home country of Norway.

von Schnitzelbaum finds it hard to believe that the sudden Beck change will be met with the same resistance.

– I am convinced that the viewers will like Becki at least as much as Beck, maybe even more. Who doesn’t love Norway, right?

Nyheter24 is looking for Peter Haber and Agnes Kittelsen for a comment.