Peter Forsberg’s crazy NHL record he had no idea about – and will never be broken: ‘It’s comical’

Peter Forsberg really left his mark on the NHL.
But there’s a mighty NHL record he didn’t know about at all.
– It’s quite comical, says “Foppa” to Expressen.

Among all the Swedish hockey players who tried their luck in the world’s best hockey league, the NHL, there are few who left the same mark as Peter Forsberg. He is considered one of the league’s very best players ever and had it not been for the tough injuries, he could have become even more iconic.

Forsberg’s record

He became “Foppa” with the entire hockey world and won the coveted Stanley Cup twice and delivered an impressive 885 points in 708 games in North America. But there is also an incredibly powerful NHL record that the Swedish hockey icon broke in 2003 and that will most likely never be broken again.

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080304 Ice hockey, NHL, Colorado Avalanche – Vancouver Canucks: Peter Forsberg in the warm-up. © Bildbyrån – 85148

But Forsberg actually has no idea he even had his name on the crazy record. The 2002/03 NHL season saw the historic but it started really badly for number 21.
– I missed a number of games due to an injury and was not happy with my skating during the preliminaries. When I was injured, I started trying other skates from another manufacturer and suddenly everything felt great. I felt like a king, Foppa tells Expressen.

“Had no idea”

Together with the chain mates Milan Hejduk and Alex Tanguay The trio poured in points for the Colorado Avalanche and were unstoppable on the ice.
– It felt like we were in the attack zone all the time during the matches. All three of us had a good understanding of the game. Hejduk scored fifty goals that winter and Tanguay was incredibly smart and could do everything on the ice, says Foppa in the interview.

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180206 Peter Forsberg is interviewed before the Winter Olympics on February 6, 2018 in Pyeongchang. Photo: Carl Sandin / BILDBYRÅN / code CS / 57999_269

Tanguay scored 67 points in 82 games, Hejduk accounted for 98 points in 82 games and Foppa delivered a whopping 106 points in his 75 games, which is a total of 271 points for the chain. But what Peter Forsberg broke the record with was that he managed to collect an incredible 32 points and win the points league that season.

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No other player in the history of the NHL has managed to catch up with so many points to win the scoring league in the NHL, second on the list is the legend Mario Lemieux with 23 points in 1987-88. In the very last round of the regular season, Forsberg passed his childhood friend Markus Näslund.
– I remember sitting and checking the match facts when the Vancouvers had played and seeing how Macke scored new points night after night. I remember thinking: “what the hell, give yourself!”, says Foppa to the evening newspaper and is impressed by his achievement.
– I must have scored like ninety points in the last fifty games. I had no idea it was such a big gap, that I picked up thirty-two points. It’s quite comical.

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