Personal assistant is sentenced for gross sexual abuse of users

The man worked as an assistant to the plaintiff, who is paralyzed on one side and cannot speak. It was when the man was investigated for child pornography offenses that the police suspected that an adult man had also been subjected to sexual abuse.

Found movies on mobile

Several videos were found on the personal assistant’s cell phone showing the plaintiff’s penis and someone masturbating for him. The films have then been sent to an acquaintance of the assistant.

He has admitted that he made masturbation movements on the plaintiff but that they were not meant for sexual purposes.

The personal assistant is also said to have masturbated himself on several occasions when he was in the same room as the plaintiff.

Judged by Falu district court

Now he is being sentenced by the Falu district court for several cases of sexual assault and sexual molestation. He is also convicted of child pornography offenses and breach of confidentiality.

He is sentenced to three years and four months in prison. In addition to the prison sentence, he must also pay damages to the plaintiff.