Performance monster electric Zeekr 001 FR introduced

Ambitious models Sony a7C Mark II and Sony a7CR introduced

Incredible electric car models keep coming from China. This time the performance beast is electric Zeekr 001 FR sound brings.

been on the agenda for a long time Zeekr 001 FR, very challenging sport electric car model position. The vehicle, which focuses specifically on track driving, is truly an incredibly powerful option. Unlike many of its kind, not two four different electric motors the vehicle built on it, thus the total 1,248 horsepower produces and 1,280 Nm of torque appears in value. Up to 100 km/h only in the moving scenario in 2 seconds exiting vehicle, 280 km/h limited to maximum speed. The vehicle, which is said to be able to give its maximum power for 10 seconds on 50 percent charge, in order to keep things under control. Equipped with a special oil cooling technology and back engines carbon fiber prepared using CATL’s new generation of 100 kWh Qilin The model with 800kW charging support, carrying its battery, can reach between 10 percent and 80 percent under suitable conditions. only takes 15 minutes. We’ve seen so many electric SUV models “tank return” that has the feature capable of 360-degree tour Zeekr 001 FR, front brake system with full 10-piston AP Racing calipers and Brembo production features carbon ceramic discs. At the rear, it is stated that there are four-piston calipers. Admired in the sporty line in design FRAccording to the official statement, when production starts, at least 99 units will be produced every month. Price not yet known but It is claimed to be at the level of 140 thousand dollars. There is also a regular version of the vehicle without the “FR” designation and its details Here is located.