People with this blood type are twice as likely to be eaten by mosquitoes

People with this blood type are twice as likely to

Are you one of those lucky people who seem like a mosquito magnet? Or on the contrary, are you still spared while your friends are full of pimples? The answer may lie in your blood type.

Unlike flies, mosquitoes annoy humans for one purpose: to feed on their blood. These stealthy insects sting and feed before you even know they’ve been bitten. You may be wondering why you always have itching, swelling and redness on your body, while your family and friends seem to be oblivious to this constant irritation.

Well, the answer could be related to your blood type. Scientists have been studying mosquito patterns and behavior since the 1970s, looking for an explanation for why mosquitoes bite some people more than others. Research studies indicate that mosquitoes have a preferred blood group that causes them to prefer certain people: group O.

Why do mosquitoes like blood group O? Evidence shows that blood type O proteins attract hungry mosquitoes more than other blood types. These little bloodsuckers will also prey on type B people, but not as aggressively as they chase down type O. Blood type A is the least preferred by mosquitoes, which means that if a person of type A is with friends in group O or B, hungry mosquitoes can head straight for them and completely ignore people in group A. Now you know which friends to spend a summer evening on the terrace with…