Pensions, INPS: digital service for submitting applications in advance

Pensions INPS digital service for submitting applications in advance

(Finance) – The electronic system for submitting applications for early retirement has been updated in light of the social security changes envisaged by the Law of the 2024 Budget. He communicates it the INPS explaining that the updates concern the demand for “Early Pension Flexible Budget Law 2024” and of “Early pension option for women, budget law 2023/2024”.

In the case of submitting an application for “Option woman”, the procedure includes the possibility for interested workers to also enter the number of children.

To carry out the request – explains the Institute – it is sufficient to access the Institute’s website via SPID (Public Digital Identity System) at least Level 2, CNS (National Services Card) or CIE (Electronic Identity Card 3.0), and follow the path ” Pension and Social Security”, “Pension Application” which contains the “Pension Application, Reconstitution, Accruals, Certifications, Social APE and Early Benefit”.

INPS reminds us that there is an alternative It is always possible to submit an application using the services offered by the Legal Aid Institutes recognized by law as well as contacting the dedicated numbers.