Pensions, extension of the Women’s Option to 58 without the requirement of children

Pensions extension of the Womens Option to 58 without the

(Finance) – At least for the moment, no quota 41 but one extension of Quota 103 and theextension of the Women’s Option to 58 years for the three categories of workers interested in the benefit even if they do not have children. These are the hypotheses on the table while the majority is working on the pension dossier in view of the maneuver. Also pay attention to young people with some resources that could be put towards the subsidized degree redemption.

“Quota 41 remains an objective of this legislature. We will get there gradually, but in the meantime the process, as we asked, has already begun. Most likely quota 41 will be confirmed for next year with the target of 62 years (Quota 103)” while ” the increase in minimum pensions will be made – states the Undersecretary of Labor, Claudio Durigon, speaking to about the next budget law -. The priority, in addition to renewing the tax wedge cut, is support for workers and pensioners in difficulty who have suffered more than others from an inflation that has attacked the wages of Italian families. We will try to broaden the audience as much as possible to support the low allowances. It is clear that this Government looks carefully at the most fragile people who need concrete help.”

Dissatisfaction on the pension front was expressed last Wednesday by the unions. “We are asking the government for a real change in economic and social policy but so far this discussion has not been possible: we have written to the government to open a real negotiation but fake meetings continue. Even today there has been one on pensions. Just be caught around, it’s not like you can continue to say that you’re observing what’s happening: you don’t have a euro, you don’t put in a euro, but what are we talking about? It’s now becoming clear that the promises that this government made in the election campaign today they are not standing. The reality is that the government has no intention of changing anything regarding pensions, we are returning to the worst vision of the Fornero law – commented the CGIL leader Maurizio Landini in an interview with La Stampa –. There is no age limit of 41, there is no overcoming of Fornero, a guarantee pension for young people is not introduced nor a differentiation is made between the hardest jobs and women’s work is not even recognised”.