Pension amount increases for 4.5 million retirees

Pension amount increases for 45 million retirees

A little financial boost is coming to many retirees these days.

A new increase in retirement pension! After the revaluation in January and the increase in certain supplementary funds, it is the turn of one of the additional funds to pay a little more money to the retirees attached to it. But you might as well nip the announcement in the bud: this extension is not going to change the lifestyle of the 4.5 million people who will benefit from it. However, when compared with other pension plans, this is an increase well above inflation.

While basic pensions were increased by 5.3% at the start of the year and private sector retirees inherited a 4.9% increase in their supplementary pension (Agirc-Arrco), it is the civil servants who , this time, benefit from a little extra nest egg for their budget. Whether they are state civil servants (including teachers), hospital or local authorities (municipal, departmental, regional employees), all will see the amount of their supplementary pension increase by 6.8%.

The Additional Civil Service Pension (RAFP) has in fact decided to increase the amount of pensions it pays, even if they are (almost) marginal each month. In fact, the average amount received is only around thirty euros (around €34.96/month in 2023). A low pension which can be explained by the method of calculating this supplement. The RAFP only takes into account income ancillary to the fixed salary, that is to say various allowances, bonuses, overtime or even benefits in kind. This payment is in addition to the basic pension (paid by the CNRACL), which is on average a little more than 1,500 euros.

Concretely, the increase in the RAFP will not really be tangible for the retirees concerned. For a person who until now received 35 euros of supplementary pension, the amount will increase to… €37.38, or €2.38 more. Just enough to buy two more baguettes per month. Over the year, this represents less than 30 euros more in the budget. Please note, however, that the RAFP will make up for the months of January and February, months during which the increase was not applied since it had not yet been decided.

Retirees who are attached to this supplementary fund can see the payment of the new amount arrive since Tuesday March 26, according to the payment schedule planned by the organization. But depending on the banks, the delay can vary by a few days.