Pelle Svanslös is undoubtedly a big favorite in Gävleborg

The interest in reading is decreasing in the country, but according to the children’s book app, children in Gävleborg read 24 percent more than the national average. Most popular are the books about Pelle Svanslös – in the county, children read about the Uppsala cat almost twice as much as the rest of the country, namely 88 percent.

– I read every day, but I only read Pelle Svanslös sometimes, says 9-year-old Julia.

It can be compared with Uppsala county, where people read fewer Pelle Swanslös books than the average.

Sweden’s biggest Pelle fan is in Gävleborg

Sweden’s biggest Pelle Swanslös fan also lives in Gävleborg. It is a person who states in the survey that he reads Pelle Svanslös 250 minutes a week – that corresponds to 35 minutes a day.

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