Pekka Holopainen’s column: The fit president becomes a sleepwalker, to whom explaining the immobility is hopefully a matter of heart | Sport

Pekka Holopainens column Would Finlands best endurance runner get a

The deterioration of physical performance is a big threat to Finland. Could the future president mobilize the deep ranks of the people, writes Pekka Holopainen.

Pekka Holopainen Sports journalist

When by Alexander Stubb election as the next president of the republic was confirmed, the already fit people who take care of the security of the country’s top institution are probably wondering what new professional dimensions the new president’s well-reported sports hobbies will bring.

If Stubb continues his beloved hobby of triathlon, will there be an athlete among the security personnel who can pedal a bicycle at a speed of 40 kilometers per hour in a relaxed manner with his senses alert?

And who will accompany the president in a wetsuit for a couple of kilometers of swimming, during which the president is surrounded by hundreds of eager and chaotically rushing fellow competitors in every direction?

Close to the heart

In the TV debates of the election campaign, in the opinion of many, there was too much talk about issues outside the core of the presidential job, i.e. security and foreign policy, so-called value leadership.

There is no need to guess which sector of value management Stubb takes close to his heart.

Several scientifically valid studies have shown what a fatal and infinitely expensive threat the physical deterioration of citizens is to Finland’s future and, very soon, to the present as well.

From this point of view, the real sleeper of the nation will now settle down in the state guest house in Meilahti, who with all his annoyingly cheerful and energetic nature proves the claim that an hour of exercise every working day brings true That’s two effective extra hours.

Stubb, 55, is the first president in 99 years whose father is alive at the start of his term. He is definitely the first in the position to have a personal sports coach, a well-known endurance coach Antti Hagqvist.

Let the results speak for themselves

If anyone has seen Stubb’s passion for sports pasted on, courting elements, let the results speak for themselves. Last summer, Stubb participated twice in the Ironman 70.3 class triathlon competition in Lahti, which includes 1.9 kilometers of swimming, 90 kilometers of cycling and a half marathon. The second race brought first place in the age group with a time of 4:35:50. The result of the second, World Championship status event was 15th place in the age group in a time of 4:40:18. At these speeds, for example, the bike travels an average of about 38 kilometers per hour, and pedaling to facilitate the performance is prohibited.

This kind of performance requires from a 55-year-old busy career person the kind of discipline, asceticism and direct discomfort tolerance that no one does to collect free points.

Stubb’s passion for sports has attracted him in recent years also authoritative mocking axes, and the days of comb wiener parties will probably be over in the presidential administration for six years.

When the second-generation sports person tuned his campaign, he got behind him a lot of famous people from top sports as well.

The elite sports people did not gather behind Stubb just in the name of political consensus, but also with a fox tail peeking out from under his arm. Who wouldn’t want a representative of their field in the top spot of the republic?

For this group, President Stubbin would even sound a little disappointing. If, instead, he manages to create a movement in the deep ranks of a comfortable and rounded nation, there is the burden of a revival leader for one man.