Patrik Sjöberg reveals Börje Salming’s incredible effort – after getting into trouble with the Canadian police(!)

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Börje Salming has passed away and is now celebrated by everyone.
Many also share unforgettable memories with the icon.
“Then Börje took over the discussion and told the police,” says former high jumper Patrik Sjöberg about an incredible incident from the past.

On Thursday, the news came, which was only a matter of time, but came far too quickly. One of Swedish hockey’s greatest ever fell asleep when Börje Salmings ALS affected body gave up.

Salming’s demise

Earlier this year, Salming received the news that he had suffered from the terrible and incurable nerve disease ALS. Since then, the entire hockey world has kept its fingers crossed for the fighter and followed his emotional tributes in both Toronto and Stockholm with warmth.

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011112 Ice hockey: Börje Salming with a view of the Air Canada Stadium. © Bildbyrån – 24947

Thursday evening came the words announcing that the 71-year-old has passed away. Since then, the tributes and condolences have come from all different parts of the hockey world.

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“Greatness Begins”

Many have also shared their meetings with Börje and how the hockey legend has colored their lives with his fantastic personality. The high jump icon Patrik Sjoberg is one of those who have offered an unforgettable memory of Börje Salming and these are words that truly show his greatness as a hockey player and person.

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Börje Salming and Patrik Sjöberg on site in Toronto. PHOTO: Instagram

Sjöberg describes everything in an emotional post on social media.
“Can’t find words for how shocking the information is that Börje Salming is no longer with us. Börje is the only idol I’ve ever had,” he writes on Instagram.
“I had the honor of having Börje as a guest in ‘Patrik möter’ which was on TV3 and we hung out together in Toronto for a week. Börje was as big on the side of the hockey rink as he was on the court. When we landed in Toronto, I had problems at passport control because the production company hadn’t paid the work permit for me and they wanted to send me home on the next plane.”

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Then Börje Salming stepped into the action and showed why he is called “The King” in Toronto.
“But then Börje took over the discussion and told the police that Patrik is with me and is going to record a TV program and the police replied “no problem, Mr Salming”, and I was allowed into Canada. It shows how big Börje is in Canada. My thoughts go out to the family. Rest in peace Börje and we’ll see you on the other side,” writes Sjöberg on Instagram.

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