Patrik Laine’s situation was talked about in a shocking way – a strict answer from a Finn | Sport

Patrik Laines situation was talked about in a shocking way

Patrik Laine has been in the treatment program for NHL players for more than two weeks. Laine’s situation was speculated on a Columbus fan podcast.

The one in the treatment program for NHL players Patrick Laine addressed Columbus Blue Jackets fans’ comments on X.

The B&B’s Round Table podcast held by Columbus supporters talked about Laine’s situation. The Finn enrolled in the treatment program on January 28 and has been sidelined from his team’s matches since then.

One of the participants of the podcast spoke shockingly about Laine. He speculates that Laine is on the sidelines because “he is considering Remington retirement.” This pair of words refers to suicide in the United States.

Laine took a stand on the comment on the night between Monday and Tuesday in X.

– This is just not ok, Laine wrote in X.

The podcast has published on the subject of a new video, in which, among other things, they apologize to Laine. The members of the podcast admitted that they messed up really badly.

The wave is According to Iltalehti’s information applied to the treatment program for NHL players specifically because of his mental health. Laine also wrote on Instagram herself that she recognizes the importance of her mental health.

– After careful consideration and discussions with my support network and team, I have recognized how important it is to prioritize my mental health and well-being, Laine wrote on Instagram.