Patrick Sébastien: he recounts his fight against cancer

Patrick Sebastien he recounts his fight against cancer

PATRICK SEBASTIEN CANCER. In the columns of the magazine Gala, the singer and former animator Patrick Sébastien confided bluntly his recent fight against cancer. He also spoke about death.

Even troublemakers who are always in a good mood can have health concerns… This is what Patrick Sébastien revealed in an exclusive interview with Gala magazine released this Thursday, September 22, 2022. The former flagship host of the Plus Grand Cabaret du Monde announces that he has seen “a beautiful tsunami” hit him at the start of 2022 in terms of health. The French singer has indeed received a clear diagnosis: it was kidney cancer. Patrick Sébastien was put to the test but “today everything is fine” he reassures. Sébastien was operated on as soon as possible so that the cancer did not proliferate. In convalescence in the hospital, the comedian-singer was able to resume his shows on stage two months later.

Already diagnosed with cancer in 2009

This is not the first time that Patrick Sébastien has been the subject of a medical alert of this type. Indeed, in 2009, he had learned to be suffering from skin cancer. During vacation in the Lot, the host had been vomiting for several hours. After consultation with a doctor, he had detected an unusual mole. It was definitely skin cancer. Patrick Sébastien, then a great figure in France 2, quickly got out of business as he had told in his book “Outside, it’s beautiful…”

He is not afraid of death

In an interview published in the columns of Gala on September 22, 2022, Patrick Sébastien bluntly evokes death. He explains in particular that, for him, suicide is not taboo – whether assisted or not. “My granddaughter Mari told me that if I did such a thing, it would be abominable but that she would respect my decision as long as it was my choice.” In this interview, Patrick Sébastien explains that he has nothing to do with the guilt of taking action against his family. “I don’t give a damn,” he says. A philosopher, he announces that the hassles of life “are not the end of something, but the beginning of something else”, a precept that his mother taught him herself.