Pathfinder 1, the world’s largest aircraft, was put to the test

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Interesting option highlighted as the world’s largest aircraft Pathfinder 1recently entered active flight tests receipt.

LTA Research The world’s largest aircraft prepared by Pathfinder 1, It was recently unveiled as a prototype and US-based flight tests started. Co-founder of internet giant Google The giant airship financially supported by Sergey Brinas stated, is longer (124 meters) than three different Boeing 737s and has a It carries 12 different electric motors. With these engines It can reach a speed of 120 km/h According to the statement, the mentioned zeppelin is a giant ship in the 1930s that was remembered for a disaster. “Hindenburg” since the airship It is the largest aircraft ever built.. Establishing a link between the past and the future with a focus on environmentally friendly aviation Pathfinder 1, It reveals the potential to carry tons of cargo and is equipped with silently advanced flight systems (such as Fly-by-wire and LiDAR). “will be able to navigate safely” statement is given.


LTA Research company is also larger, at this stage Pathfinder 3 He is also planning an airship called . In this respect, the tests to be carried out with the first version are of great importance for the future. does.

The company uses non-flammable helium in the airship instead of hydrogen, which is very dangerous because it is flammable. It has prepared a special skeleton reinforced with carbon fiber for the aircraft and wraps the outside with a type of polymer material called “Tedlar”. The aircraft, whose test permit received from the FAA will expire in September 2024, will be in the air frequently next year.

LTA Research CEO Alan Weston For the aircraft, in an interview he gave before the launch, “We shed blood, sweat and tears for 10 years. “Now we have to show that this airship can fly reliably in real-world conditions, and we will do that.” He made a statement.