Passenger boat capsized in Nigeria! 32 dead

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According to Daily Trust newspaper, a boat carrying about 50 passengers capsized in the Benue River in Karim Lamido area of ​​Taraba state over the weekend. In the incident, 32 people, including 20 children, lost their lives and many people went missing.


Taraba State Senior Adviser on Media and Digital Communications, Emmanuel Bello, in a statement, described this incident as a “tragedy”, which came days after a similar incident that occurred in Taraba Governor Karim Lamido.

Bello stated that various investigations are being carried out to uncover the causes of boat accidents in the state.

The boat carrying more than 100 passengers returning to Taraba state from the fish market in Mayorenero region of Nigeria capsized in the Benue River on Saturday, October 28.

During the rescue efforts launched after the accident, the dead bodies of 18 people were found. It was announced that 70 people on the boat were still missing.