party scores, the far right contained

party scores the far right contained

What will be the political majority in the European Parliament for the next five years? The results of these European elections could be marked by a historic progression of the far right.

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The European Union will be shaken up by far-right or nationalist elected officials in the 2024-2029 term, who openly demonstrate fierce Euroscepticism. The extent of the push by sovereignist elected officials, opposed to the current form of European political union, is one of the lessons of the results of these elections. Result: it is the traditional parties, the right of the EPP and the social democrats which constitute the two majority groups, but the nationalist populists are able to constitute a blocking minority, by preventing agreements on certain texts. The deputies who should make up the groups of nationalists (ID), Eurosceptic conservatives (ECR) and a large part of those not registered, do not wish, for the moment, to merge. Their internal divisions will also limit their capacity for action in the European Parliament.

According to provisional results, this Monday, the European group of the traditional right (PPE), in which LR sits, has 184 seats, ahead of the group of social democrats (S&D) in which the PS sits with 139 seats. The Liberal Democrats (Renew) group obtained 80 seats. The bloc of the right and the liberals have a bloc capable of reaching compromises in a relative majority of circumstances. The ECR group, far-right conservatives, has 73 elected officials, the ID group, in which the RN sits, obtains 58 seats. There are 98 seats left for unregistered people, who could choose a group quickly.

For completeness, let us recall the seven groups in the European Parliament, which are from most to least important:

  • The European People’s Party, where the Republicans sit.
  • The social democratic group, where the elected representatives of the socialist left sit.
  • The centrist group Renew Europe, where the presidential majority sits.
  • Environmentalists, where the Europe-Ecology-the Greens party sits.
  • Identity Democracy (ID), which counts the National Rally in its ranks
  • The European Conservatives and Reformists (CRE), Reconquest group.
  • The radical left group, where France Insoumise is based.

The bloc of the left and ecologists was also able to constitute a larger group than that of the extreme right. However, the progress of nationalist sovereignists is historic.