Paris is no longer the city of love

Paris is no longer the city of love

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    Generally associated with romance and romantic getaways, the French capital is actually not the first destination to propose, according to a study.

    A kiss in front of the Eiffel Tower, another during an evening flirting along the banks of the Seine, otherwise out of sight in an alley whose history has sculpted its authentic charm…. How many visitors foreigners dream of Paris to experience romance? Many of them have sealed their love in the past by hanging a padlock on the famous Pont des Arts…

    However romantic it may be, the city of Paris would steal the show when it comes to a marriage proposal. And we’re not talking about Venice, which easily competes for the famous nickname “the city of love”. According to the analysis of a tour operator specializing in the sale of tickets for tourist attractions, Paris Tickets & Tours, the greatest number of engagement rings are not offered in Paris, but in Lisbon!

    To see this, simply consult Instagram and look for hashtags mentioning marriage proposals. The analysis took into account around ten hashtags that young lovebirds could associate with an engagement announcement on the social network such as #Capitalproposal, #Capitalengagement, #Capitallove, #Capitallovers, #Engagedincapital, #Capitalengagementphotographer, #Capitalmarryme or # Capitallovestory. For the Portuguese capital, we are talking about 1.04 million hashtags linked to a marriage proposal.

    In the end, requests are first made in Lisbon, particularly in Portas do Sol which offers a romantic panorama for a formal request. Secondly, lovers choose London before planning a trip to Paris.

    Here is the ranking of European cities where there are the most marriage proposals:

    • Lisbon (Portugal) – 1,049,944 hashtags
    • London (United Kingdom) – 1,026,528 hashtags
    • Paris (France) – 1,011,970 hashtags
    • Berlin (Germany) – 549,300 hashtags
    • Andorra la Vella (Andorra) – 358,459 hashtags
    • Vienna (Austria) – 318,054 hashtags
    • Madrid (Spain) – 248,026 hashtags
    • Amsterdam (Netherlands) – 189,113 hashtags
    • Oslo (Norway) – 146,535 hashtags
    • Warsaw (Poland) – 105,516 hashtags

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