Parcoursup: the post-baccalaureate platform is open for students

Parcoursup the post baccalaureate platform is open for students

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    Marie Lanen

    Head of parenting section (baby, pregnancy, family)

    This year, the Parcoursup platform opened a month earlier than previous editions. Since December 20, students can therefore consult the many courses presented before expressing their wishes.

    Expected (and dreaded?) by Terminale students, the opening of the Parcoursup platform has been effective since December 20th. If students will be able to start formulating their wishes as of January 18, the platform is open for the first phase of information.

    Open doors, exam criteria, tuition fees… A sheet on each course

    Terminale students will be able to take advantage of their Christmas holidays to browse the some 21,000 training courses offered (including apprenticeship) on the Parcoursup platform before expressing their wishes from January 18th. Each course has a detailed sheet that informs students of the dates of open doors, registration fees, professional opportunities, exam selection procedures, expected skills, etc. So don’t hesitate to take notes and get as much information as possible before formulating your wishes. The head teacher and the teaching team can be available to students to answer their questions.

    The different stages of Parcoursup

    Three phases are in place for Parcoursup. The first stage, the informative phase therefore began on December 20 and will end on January 18, 2023. From this date and until March 9, it is the phase of formulating wishes that will take over. Students will be able to complete their file and finalize their wishes (up to 10 wishes and 20 sub-wishes depending on the training) from March 10 until April 6, 2023. Finally, the first proposals will arrive from June 1 until July 13.

    The website accompanies all students to learn about various topics, for example financial aid and housing applications, or about digital guidance services.