Parcoursup 2022: the registration date is approaching … The calendar

Parcoursup 2022 the registration date is approaching The calendar

When does the Parcoursup post-bac admission process really start? The schedule for the next session starts this month … then spans almost a year.

[Mis à jour le 10 janvier 2022 à 16h13] The Parcoursup 2022 calendar displays the following key date: the start of the registration phase, Thursday, January 20 next. The famous admission phase will follow on June 2, when the complementary phase will open during the summer, after the written tests of the baccalaureate. Consult the details of the 2022 Parcoursup calendar stages.

As specified by the government in its press release of September 30, “The ministries wished to ensure the consistency and complementarity of the calendar of the final exams of the baccalaureate with that of the Parcoursup procedure, so as to allow the educational teams and the pupils to organize the work in a serene way over the whole school year “.

The essential information and dates to remember below.

From the information phase to the complementary phase, here are the dates of the Parcoursup 2022 calendar:

  • December 21, 2021 : information phase, Parcoursup opens its web pages for consultation. You can consult the training courses available in 2022, and find out about the expectations and the admission conditions. This is also the time to fine-tune your guidance plan with your head teachers and / or guidance counselors.
  • From January 20 to March 29, 2022 : it’s here registration phase on Parcoursup, with opening of the file and formulation of wishes. You must complete the different sections of the file (CV, cover letters, activities and areas of interest). Your main mission, moreover, is to express your wishes (after March 29, this will no longer be possible). You can formulate 10 wishes and 20 sub-wishes maximum. This two-month period still leaves you time to explore the training courses and refine your choices.
  • Until April 8, 2022 : confirmation of wishes and finalization of the file. These few days of “bonus” are intended for the final validation of wishes, but also the verification of your applications and their finalization, via the provision of all the supporting documents requested, as well as a final touch to your letters. motivation!
  • From June 2 to July 15, 2022 : main admission phase, with responses from establishments to Parcoursup candidates. You will then start to know if the courses you are targeting have accepted your application, rejected it or put you on the waiting list.
  • From June 23 to September 16, 2022 : additional admission phase, with entry of new wishes and proposals for admission. This phase is dedicated to those who received only negative responses, or who missed the check mark on their registration. During this “second chance session”, candidates can apply to training courses that still have places, with the same rules of the game as in the previous procedure, but in an accelerated version.

NB: After the baccalaureate results, at the request of the pupil from his file, a commission is responsible for proposing to the baccalaureate holders who have not obtained a positive response an assignment in higher education, under the leadership of the rector. This is the CAES (Commission for Access to Higher Education) of the student’s academy, and it provides personalized support.

Parcoursup responses must arrive in 2022 from May 27. In order to reduce stress for applicants, the main procedure (admission phase) also ends in mid-July instead of early September previously.

The long-awaited stage of the Parcoursup responses sent by the training courses takes place as follows: the candidate first receives an alert. That means he has one or more answers. The answers are broken down into “yes”, “yes if”, or “pending” with regard to non-selective courses (general licenses). One “no” can only be issued by selective courses (prepas, IUT, BTS …).

When the number of requests exceeds the number of places, either in “short-lived sectors”, the universities give priority a priori to applications which are the most closely related to the training offered, in terms of skills as well as of acquired knowledge or projects. Each time a Parcoursup candidate receives two “yes” to different training courses, he has the obligation to choose one of the two at the time, in order to avoid congestion of the system. But said candidate keeps his “pending” wishes in parallel.

To be able to manage your admission proposals, remember to download the Parcoursup application from May 27. As a candidate, you must respond to the proposals within the stated timeframe and, again, can only accept one at a time : in other words, you have to choose between several admission proposals, which frees up places for candidates on the waiting list. For you too, moreover, a pending wish can turn into a proposal for admission. When it comes to managing your pending wishes, just keep the ones that still interest you. Finally, if you receive an admission proposal for your favorite course, you must accept it definitively. You then give up your other wishes, and again free up places for waiting candidates.

What are the response times to respect?

  • If you receive a proposal for admission May 27 2022: 5 days (D + 4), i.e. until May 31, 2022 inclusive to accept or reject it
  • the May 28 2022: 4 days maximum (D + 3), i.e. until May 31 inclusive.
  • From the May 29 2021: 3 days maximum (D + 2). For example, for a proposal received on June 1, you will have to confirm or reject it before June 3 inclusive.

If you fail to respond to a proposal before the deadline, “you lose this proposal, and it will be sent to another candidate”, underlines the explanatory video posted online Parcoursup.

When you download it to your smartphone, the Parcoursup application allows you to be informed “in real time of the stages of the calendar not to be missed”, underlines the specialized site Digischool. Please note, the app is not interactive: the candidate cannot ask questions. On the other hand, it gives the possibility of receiving on mobile:

  • notifications relating to the Parcoursup calendar
  • the answers to the questions asked in the Contact section of the Parcoursup site
  • alerts about his file
  • the answers to his wishes

How is the reform of the bac taken into account on Parcoursup, for the moment? A reform of the baccalaureate is initially planned for 2021. In the Parcoursup file of each high school candidate must appear all the marks collected between the start of the first year and the finalization of the application file. The “Parcoursup 2022” file must therefore include the averages of the school reports, as well as those of the joint evaluations and final specialties exams. Note that the specialties followed by general baccalaureate holders in first and final year also serve as new elements of the file.

A reform of the baccalaureate is initially planned for 2021. In the Parcoursup file of each high school candidate must appear all the marks collected between the start of the first year and the finalization of the application file. The “Parcoursup 2021” file will thus have to include the averages of the school reports, which will also count this year in place of the common evaluations (replaced by continuous assessment) and final specialties tests (also replaced by continuous assessment).

Note that the specialties followed by general baccalaureate holders in first and final year also serve as new elements of the file.

The Parcoursup “complementary phase” allows candidates who have not been accepted anywhere at the stage of the main proceedings to formulate up to 10 new wishes and to accept proposals for admission to courses which still have places available. In 2022, this last phase of the online post-baccalaureate orientation procedure will be from Thursday June 16 to Wednesday September 14.