Parasyte The Grey: what is the new Netflix series inspired by a cult manga about?

Parasyte The Grey what is the new Netflix series inspired

“Parasyte: The Grey” is a horror series inspired by the famous manga “Parasite”. It is released on April 5, 2024 on Netflix.

After the success of the live action adaptation of One Piece, Netflix continues its momentum by bringing the cult manga to the screen Parasite (Hitoshi Iwaaki), sold 25 million copies. Not to be confused with the Oscar-winning film in 2020, the plot is totally different! On the making of the series Parasyte: The Grayfans of horror films will have the pleasure of finding Yeon Sang-oh (Last train to Busan).

Connoisseurs of Iwaaki’s work will surely realize this when seeing the trailer, although the South Korean director draws his inspiration from the famous manga, it is not a direct adaptation: l The story and characters are new. Looking forward to discovering? See you on April 5, 2024 on Netflix!

What is the plot of Parasyte: The Gray ?

Inspired by the manga Parasitein which parasites colonize the brains of humans to take control of their bodies, the series Parasyte: The Gray takes place in a world similar to ours… until parasitic life forms come into action. Faced with the threat posed by these unidentified creatures who continue to increase their power, humans are mobilizing to try to eliminate them.

Which actors in the casting of Parasyte: The Gray ?

  • Jeon So-nee as Jeong Su-in
  • Koo Kyo-hwan as Seol Kang-woo
  • Lee Jung-hyun as Choi Jun-kyung
  • Kwon Hae-hyo as Cheol-min
  • Kim In-kwon as Won-seok

Where to see Parasyte: The Gray in streaming ?

Parasyte: The Graythe new adaptation of a live action manga from Netflix is ​​available from April 5, 2024 on the platform streaming. To find out if humanity will escape the terrible parasites to which it is a victim, all you need to do is subscribe to Netflix. Remember that the subscription is paid, the price can vary between 5.99 euros per month (for an essential subscription with advertisements), 13.49 euros per month (standard subscription) and 19.99 euros per month (premium subscription).