Paradox picks up the fight with “The Sims”

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It is called a life simulator, and can be compared to a virtual doll world. The player can create characters, move them around the world as they please, or take control of them and control them like traditional game characters, with the camera slanted over the shoulder (third-person view).

In addition, the player can change entire cities by setting out houses, going in and furnishing them, and then watching the characters do everyday things like cooking, washing and watering the flowers – as well as starting a family and climbing the career ladder.

There is no doubt that the Swedish publisher Paradox wants to take up the fight with EA’s immensely popular series “The sims”, and the person who leads the development group that creates “Life by you”, Rod Humble, was previously the head of “The sims” “.

Everything from people to interior design, houses – and even entire cities – must be adaptable, the creators promise. Press photo.

“‘Life by you’ evolves the life simulator genre with modern style, real-language conversations and an unprecedented freedom of expression,” he said in a press release.

Paradox promises high customization, and that the game should be inviting for modders, who should be able to make their own variations and additions.

The game is the debut title of the development office Paradox Tectonic in California, which was founded in 2019. It will be released on September 12 on PC in an early version, so-called early access.