Paola: why the Star Academy candidate disappointed viewers

Paola the Star Academy candidate disappoints and cracks

PAOLA PERRIN STAR ACADEMY. Appreciated by the public since the beginning of Star Academy, Paola began to annoy many fans of the show.

[Mis à jour le 05 novembre 2022 à 19h15] The only judge at the helm this Saturday, will the Star Academy public save Paola? Appointed alongside her friend, Carla, the young woman had made a remarkable debut in this season, on TF1, by her level in singing, as in dancing. But in recent days, Paola has been heavily criticized on social networks.

In question ? His behavior with the other students of Star Academy and particularly with Louis. The young woman allowed herself to make a remark to her comrade during Adeline Toniutti’s singing lesson. What did not please the young man, who did not fail to settle his accounts with Paola, later, at the castle. Louis will have explained to his roommate that he did not appreciate his moral lessons. Paola for her part, deplores the susceptibility of her comrades.

A sequence that has been repeated many times on Twitter, where many Internet users have called to vote for Léa and Tiana, the other pair named, rather than for Paola and Carla, in danger this Saturday. Will Paola’s behavior mark her end at Star Academy?

Paola in danger at Star Academy

Fatigue and pressure got the better of Paola’s usual mastery: named this week, the young Angevine risks elimination from Star Academy. This week is placed under the sign of duets. It is therefore with Carla that Paola presented herself to the faculty during the evaluations, broadcast this Wednesday on TF1. But the performance of the budding artist, who took up the song with his comrade You are my other, by Maurane and Lara Fabian, disappointed the teachers, who decided to name her this week, alongside Carla. The dance will not have succeeded in raising the level of the performance, deemed insufficient by the teachers.

Who is Paola, Star Academy candidate?

At Star Academy, Paola made a remarkable debut: her first week was synonymous with success. The young woman even impressed the teachers and her classmates during the first evaluations, thus saving her from being named this week and from sharing a duet with Julien Clerc, guest of the first Star Academy bonus. And if Paola could, like some students of this 2022 season, start in the artistic world, it is not so.

At 23, Paola is from Angers, in Maine-et-Loire. Before her arrival on the show, Paola spoke of her doubts and desires with West France. The young woman lives near Angers, in Châteauneuf-sur-Sarthe, and describes herself as “author and performer of music”. In life, she is a dance teacher. She composes “in piano voice”. A path she chose when music has always been at the heart of her life.

She went to music school between the ages of 8 and 11. To France Blueshe confided that she was thirsty to learn: “I go there to learn and soak up everything. I did theater but not a lot, so I would have work. When I sing I’m in emotion, so I don’t always have the techniques that come like that either.”

Paola discovered Star Academy not when it was broadcast, but in replay. She therefore approaches the competition with a fairly detached look, but still full of envy: “I dream of a life that makes you vibrate, shiver, and it’s the music that gives me that.”