Palworld Player Number Dropped Sharply

Palworld Player Number Dropped Sharply

Palworld, which marked the first month of 2024 as one of the first productions that come to mind when it comes to Pokemon-like games, started to break sales records as soon as it was released. The game sold more than 1 million units in the first 8 hours after its release, and the sales figure in the following days exceeded 10 million units. In parallel with this, the number of players is increasing. Number of Palworld players It has started to retreat sharply in recent days. Let’s take a look at the details together with Mobile readers…

Palworld Player Number Declines Sharply

It was released on January 19 and became a hot topic in the global gaming industry with its release. Pokemon-like game Palworld, developed and published by Pocketpair. New records were being broken every day in the number of players of the production, which became the “best-selling game” both on Steam and other platforms. However, the game’s wind was short-lived. The number of Palworld players, which continued to increase until the end of January, started to decrease significantly in the last 20 days.

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The number of instant players on Steam was over 2 million at the end of January, and this number decreased to 500 thousand in mid-February. Thus, Palworld lost 75 percent of its player count. It is thought that the loss of 3/4 of the game among gamers may continue in the coming period and it will not be a surprise if the number of instant players drops to around 100 thousand.

What the Players Said, Why Are Palworld Players Quitting the Game?

It is one of the most striking productions of 2024. Palworld to Pokemon It has been at the center of many discussions due to its similarity. Accusations of “plagiarism” and “copying” were made against the production, which was in conflict with Pokemon in terms of copyright and ownership. However, these accusations have not yet been the subject of a lawsuit.

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pokemon mode It is noted that the decrease in the number of players in the last 2 weeks is not a surprise for the production, which has managed to attract the attention of gamers with dozens of different modes, including. Some of the opinions of gamers on this subject, expressed on their personal accounts on social media, are as follows:

“A normal statistic. The game already offers a maximum of 70 – 80 hours of content, logically, those who consume its content completely will never return. As the updates come, it increases again from time to time, it sees the best period when it comes out and then it is forgotten. Especially survival games It would not be wrong to say that this is an inevitable end. “Palworld could have continued this for a few more months with the wind it caught, but it seems that it has had enough to get here.”

“It was very good, I was not upset at all. They increased it to 87 TL When you catch the game, you will increase its price They also increased it to 999 liras. Gamers are not your money grinding machines. Such exorbitant prices are not demanded just because a game is popular. In my opinion, if it had continued at 100 – 200 lira, there would not have been such a sharp decrease in the number of players…”

“Many people bought it because of the idea and excitement of Pokemon, and after playing for a few hours, they got hooked. For example, I am one of them. It wasn’t a production that would be played for a long time anyway. It’s played from time to time, that’s all. Pleasant, masterpiece from games “It’s normal to get bored after a certain period of time.”