Palworld: Player builds an “elevator” – developers say: “That was unexpected”

In Palworld, a player found a creative way to move up a building. He built a kind of “elevator” and surprised even the developers.

When it comes to getting around Palworld, there are several options. You can run, ride on pals or fly, even use a glider and “fly” over the map. There is also a useful item that you can use to pull yourself up rocks and buildings.

A player used the item inside a building, creating a type of elevator. He presented this on X on February 6th in a video clip that currently has over 2.6 million views (February 7th, 6:30 p.m.).

In the video you can see where you can find a fast mount in Palworld:

Palworld: Here you will find a super fast ground mount

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“Elevator” thanks to the grappling hook gun

What kind of item does he use? In the clip, the player uses a grappling gun that can be used to move quickly. The rope of the pistol hooks onto the intended target and then pulls the player character there. But the mechanics seem to work differently here.

In the clip you can see the character shooting the pistol out of a window onto the floor and then flying up along the wall:

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You can unlock the grappling hook gun with “Ancient Technology Points”: This is how you get ancient technology and unlock powerful abilities.

How does the community react? On X, a user writes that he “loves” the idea. Another user notes that we now need suitable elevator music. One user commented: “Who needs stairs when you have a fancy elevator! #LazyLife” (in German: lazy life).

The clip has been viewed millions of times and shared over 400 times.

The developers at Palworld also shared the clip. In the post on X they write: “Well… that was unexpected… They built an elevator.”

Does it work? We tried this in Palworld and found that it worked. To do this, we set a stone base plate and placed stone walls on all four sides. We then stood against a wall and used the grappling gun to aim at the point where the floor and wall converge.

Shortly after we “shot”, we also flew upwards – to the point where the wall ended. And we stayed in that position, as you can see in the first screenshot. You can cancel the process using the key that is displayed in the game (on the keyboard with “CTRL”). Then you basically stand on the edge of the wall, like in the second screenshot.

So you could then fly down again from above, or enter other rooms that connect to the spot (if you have built any). We cannot say whether the approach always works and stays in the game.

If you are still new to Palworld, we have put together a list of small but nice tips and facts for you that MeinMMO author Linda herself would have liked to have known earlier: 20 tips about Palworld that I wish I had known earlier