Palworld meets Genshin Impact in a new game for PS5 and PC – you can register now

Azur Promilia describes itself as a “creature companion fantasy world RPG” and looks like a cross between Palworld and Genshin Impact. You can find out more about the upcoming role-playing game for PC, PS5 and mobile at MeinMMO.

What kind of game is this? Azur Promilia is the upcoming game from the makers of Azur Lane, a gacha game in which warships are embodied by anime girls. However, the announced spin-off is not supposed to be about war, but rather about cute creatures.

The role-playing game seems like a mixture of Palworld and Genshin Impact. The announcement trailer shows an open game world populated by fantasy creatures called “Kibo” that you can team up with. There is also 12 minutes of gameplay on YouTube.

In Azur Promilia, Genshin meets Palworld – trailer for the new role-playing game

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What does the game look like? In the videos you can see how different characters explore the game world. At their side are creatures that also serve as mounts and can support the players in battle. As in Palworld, the character fights against enemy creatures himself.

It also shows how a cute creature hatches from an egg, which could indicate a breeding system.

Unlike the surprise hit, there doesn’t seem to be any survival mechanics here. Rather, there should be RPG mechanics comparable to Genshin Impact. The characters seem to be assigned to an element.

It also seems as if you aren’t creating your own character, but rather choosing from a pool of pre-made characters and gaining new ones over time – probably through some kind of gacha mechanic.

Pre-registration is already underway on the official Azur Promilia website. There is no release window yet, but the role-playing game has already been confirmed for PC, PS5, Android and iOS.

After the surprise success of Palworld, it is hardly surprising that other games are now increasingly relying on the concept of creature collectors: a huge gaming company is even allegedly copying the Steam hit Palworld several times over