Palpation of the testicles: how to do it, what are you looking for?

Palpation of the testicles how to do it what are

Testicular cancer represents 2% of male cancers and mainly affects young men. Prevention is based on self-examination. How to make it? When can we say that it is normal or abnormal? Answers and advice from Dr. Charlotte Methorst, urological surgeon.

Palpation of the testicles can be performed to a general practitioner or urologistor by the patient himself, in self-examination. The gesture remains the same. “To perform a self-examination of the testicles, we will place the testicle between his fingers and his thumb and roll it between his fingers, looking for a swelling or a nodule which is most often painless. Surrounding the testicular gland is an appendix (the epididymis) which surrounds the testicle on its posterior surface. It’s normal to have this gland that we follow and which is definitive up, down, and along the testicle“, explains Dr. Charlotte Methorst, urological surgeon. Self-examination should preferably be carried out after the shower because the scrotum will be more relaxed. It will be easier in front of a mirror to see if there is a more swollen testicle than usual. “The testicles vary in size depending on the man, some testicles are larger than others. It is considered thata testicle is normal when it measures more than 15ml, which corresponds to a small egg”she continues.

What are the indications for palpation of the testicles?

All men between 15 and 35 years old should practice self-examination monthly. If we are unable to self-palpate, we can make an appointment with our doctor so that he can teach us how to perform the procedure correctly. “It is all the more important in a population at risk of developing testicular cancer (undescended testicle in childhood, history of testicular cancer in the family, subfertility). This early detection will allow reduce testicular cancer morbidity and its mortalityβ€œ, warns the urological surgeon.

When is palpation of the testicles normal?

Palpation shows no abnormality when you do not feel swelling (swelling) on ​​the testicle.

When is palpation of the testicles abnormal?

Palpation of the testicles is abnormal when we feel a swelling (swelling) in the gland.

What to do if palpation of the testicles is not normal?

In the slightest doubt, do not hesitate to consult your urologist or doctor to complete the exam. “Testicular cancer is associated with psychological distress but he is recovering very well. If there are adverse effects on sexuality and fertility, regardless of the stage and treatment of testicular cancer, the survival rate is 95% at 5 yearsβ€œ, reassures the specialist. treatment is surgery : orchiectomy (removal of the testicle,) possibly associated with a multimodal treatment: radiotherapy or chemotherapy depending on the histological type of cancer. Subsequently, monitoring and light treatments can be put in place.

Thanks to Dr. Charlotte Methorst, urological surgeon.