“Painful to see people quit their jobs” – YouTube star MrBeast warns against following in his footsteps

James MrBeast Donaldson (25) is probably the most successful YouTuber ever. Many fans dream of doing the same. But the 25-year-old warns against making hasty career decisions.

Who is MrBeast? James “MrBeast” Donaldson is an American YouTuber known for his hyped-up and expensive videos, as well as philanthropic content. In November 2022, he overtook PewDiePie and has since officially become the “King of YouTube.”

MrBeast is now the first individual with more than 200 million subscribers on YouTube and has the channel with the second most subscribers. He owes this not least to a special strategy that allowed him to grow enormously again in 2023.

Despite – or perhaps because of – his unprecedented success, the content creator warns against emulating him.

After dropping out of school, the Luxembourger “LetsHugo” became one of the biggest streamers on German-speaking Twitch. But MrBeast warns against making such decisions hastily.

He dropped out of school because streaming was more important to him – The success of LetsHugo

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“For every one who makes it, there are thousands who don’t.”

What does MrBeast say? In a post on X, formerly Twitter, the YouTuber warns against prematurely giving up a secure career to become a content creator. There he wrote on March 15, 2024:

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It’s painful to see people quit their jobs/drop out of school to produce content full-time before they’re ready. For every person like me who makes it, there are thousands who don’t. Please keep this in mind and be wise.

MrBeast does not fundamentally advise against pursuing the dream of becoming a content creator. However, aspiring influencers should make sure that they can actually make a living from it before giving up an existing job or even neglecting their schooling.

In a joking comment under his post, the 25-year-old compares the chance of becoming successful on YouTube and the like with gambling: If, on the other hand, you took out a mortgage on your house and used your assets at roulette, he would support that (via X) .

But even those who have made it and are successfully producing content online sometimes struggle with their career choice. The young Twitch streamer Fibii wanted to go to the federal police earlier. She is now one of the most successful women on German Twitch, but she says: “Influencers have achieved nothing in life”