Padel causes more eye injuries than other sports

Padel causes more eye injuries than other sports

Published: Less than 40 min ago

fullscreen Padel has overtaken floorball as the most common cause of eye injuries. Archive image. Photo: Anders Wiklund/TT

Padel is the most common cause of sports-related eye injuries, a study shows. At the same time, the injuries are relatively mild compared to other sports.

Five years ago floorball was the sport that caused the most eye injuries. Last year it looked different.

– As padel has become more popular, we have also seen an increase in the number of injuries, says Teresa Kasiga, ST doctor at the eye clinic at Ryhov County Hospital.

She has reviewed all patients with eye injuries in Jönköping County since 2017, a total of 1,525 – of which 255 were sports-related.

Minor team sports

While floorball in 2017 accounted for 63 percent of the injuries, a total of 25, in 2021 it had decreased to 18 percent, a total of 10. At the same time, padel injuries had increased and in 2021 accounted for 56 percent of the injuries, a total of 32.

Teresa Kasiga believes that the reduction in floorball injuries may partly be due to fewer people practicing team sports during the pandemic, but also to the fact that more people switched to padel instead.

– It has been seen in other studies that a large part of those who play padel have previously practiced other ball sports, so it may be that they went from floorball to padel, she says.

Better than sitting still

In the past five years, a total of 51 eye injuries have occurred during padel games in Jönköping County. Of those, 29 percent were classified as mild injuries, 51 percent as moderate and four percent as severe injuries. In 16 percent of the cases that sought care, no damage could be seen during examination.

– Compared to floorball, which used to be dominant, a higher percentage of injuries are minor.

However, Teresa Kasiga emphasizes that, despite the results of the study, one should not conclude that it is dangerous to play padel.

– For general health, it is more harmful to be sedentary and physically inactive, she says.