OVS continues the buy-back and reaches 5.87% of the share capital

OVS continues the buy back and reaches 587 of the share

(Tiper Stock Exchange) – OVS extensionas part of the treasury share buyback programme, announced that it has purchasedbetween 18 and 24 May 2023, overall 201,669 ordinary shares (equal to 0.069% of the share capital) at the average unit price of 2.6027 euros, for a counter value equal to 524,876.13 euros.

Following the transactions carried out so far, the clothing leader in Italy has a total of 17,089,822 treasury shares in its portfolio, equal to 5.8743% of the share capital.

Meanwhile, in Milan, substantially stable compared to the previous session OVS extensionwhich stands at 2.506 euros.