Over 60% of all players cannot play the DLC at all because they have not yet defeated a certain boss

In order to play the upcoming Elden Ring DLC, you have to defeat a certain boss – but many players have not done that yet.

Shadow of the Erdtree, the upcoming expansion for Elden Ring, will be released on June 21, 2024. Many players are waiting impatiently for the release of the DLC, after all, Elden Ring enjoyed great popularity and was also voted Game of the Year in 2022.

But to play Shadow of the Erdtree, you have to defeat a certain boss in the base game – and over 60% of players haven’t done that yet.

The Blood Lord is waiting

Which boss is it? To play Shadow of the Earthtea, you must defeat “Mohg, the Bloodlord.” He is “only” an optional boss, but is closely linked to the game’s lore.

Mohg is in Mohgwyn Palace beneath the Between Lands, guarding the vessel of the demigod Miquella, whom he kidnapped and tortured. This vessel of Miquella will be the entrance to the DLC.

For former MeinMMO author Marko, Mohg is one of the 5 best bosses in Elden Ring because of his “exciting moveset”. He embodies the quintessence of Elden Ring and everything that makes the FromSoftware games so special.

We can also see what makes FromSoftware games so special in the trailer for Shadow of the Erdtree:

Elden Ring shows the DLC “Shadow of the Erdtree” in the story trailer

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60% of players have not yet defeated Mohg

What kind of numbers are these? There is an achievement or trophy that players receive when they defeat Mohg. On Steam, only 38.7% of all players have achieved this achievement (as of June 11, 6:00 p.m., via Steam).

This means that around 61% of “Elden Ring” players on Steam still have to defeat Mohg before the release of Shadow of the Erdtree, otherwise they will not be able to start the DLC.

Things aren’t looking any better on PlayStation. Apparently only 34.7% of all players have the trophy they receive for defeating Mohg (via psnprofiles.com). However, unlike Steam, this isn’t an official site, so we can’t say how reliable the numbers are. Compared to Steam, however, they seem quite plausible.

Defeating Mohg is therefore inevitably one of the things you have to do in Elden Ring before the release of Shadow of the Erdtree. You can find out what else you should have on your to-do list on MeinMMO: 9 things in Elden Ring that you should do before Shadow of the Erdtree