Over 50 series are still waiting to be canceled or renewed, including big sci-fi and fantasy hits

Hardly anything is more devastating for series fans than discovering a new favorite show that is simply canceled without a proper conclusion – and in the worst case even with a cliffhanger. The situation at Netflix is ​​particularly bitter. The streaming service has already released 20 series this year. Only one thing is more excruciating.

Will my favorite series be canceled or renewed? From the daily growing mass of Netflix originals, the number of series whose future is completely uncertain is constantly growing. The uncertainty about the fate of a series is tormenting for many fans. But How many Netflix series are still waiting for a final verdict? We have an overview for you.

These Netflix series have not yet been renewed or canceled

The situation is particularly bitter this year. Due to the double strike in Hollywood, the fate of many US series hangs in the balance. Final program decisions should only be made after the strike ends. Rare exceptions have been the extensions of One Piece (for season 2) and The Lincoln Lawyer (for season 3).

50 Netflix series are still waiting for a final verdict about cancellation or extension, as the What’s on Netflix site, which is well-informed about Netflix productions, summarizes. Some have even been waiting for years:

Is there still hope for a sequel to my favorite series? Years often go by and fans are left in ignorance about the fate of series. The practice of ghost canceling has become widespread. That means: Many series are canceled in secret and their cancellations are never publicly announced. The more time passes, the worse the chances are that a series could actually continue.

In fact, this is just a selection of unknown series fates. The number of unreported cases is much higher. And new Netflix series are added every week. In addition to the above productions are also some German-language originals caught in Netflix limbo:

8 German Netflix series are still waiting for cancellation or extension

If we look at the range of domestic Netflix series, the situation is unfortunately no different. The following German-language original productions have not yet been officially extended or canceled:

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