Over 20,000 homeless after the floods in Italy

About twenty rivers are flooded and the extreme weather has caused over 200 landslides in the region. The evacuations and the fact that several roads have to be closed also lead to kilometers long queues on the main roads towards Florence and Bologna, Italian reports Rai.

In the small town of Lugo, just under an hour outside of Bologna, the water is one meter high in the streets. People have had to leave their homes and the military has come to the rescue with vehicles plowing through the bodies of water.

According to Rai, 34,000 people are without electricity after the cyclone.

The Pope’s condolences and Springsteen concert

Pope Francis has sent a telegram with his condolences to the archbishop of Bologna, Rai reports. In the message, he thanks those who offered their help and alleviated suffering. He also writes that he prays fervently for the deceased and the affected.

On Wednesday, it was announced that this weekend’s Formula 1 race at the classic Imolo track, Ferrari’s home track, has been cancelled. Not far away, in the city of Ferrara, tonight’s big event will continue. Bruce Springsteen has a concert in town and Ferrara’s mayor has defended letting the event go ahead on Facebook.

– As the former mayor of Bondeno, who was on the front line during the 2012 earthquake, I never asked Italy or the region to cancel championships, events or for companies to stop their production in solidarity with us, he writes.