Over 130 people died in Moscow – here are the suspected terrorists

Over 130 people died in Moscow here are the

Russian men in military uniforms push a man to the ground, in a clip circulated on pro-regime Russian channels.

The man is imprisoned and is filmed when he is asked questions about who he is. He answers, albeit slurred and in scratchy Russian, that his name is Shamsidin Fariduni. He is asked what he did in the concert hall in Moscow and replies that he shot “people”:

— For money.

In other images, the same man is seen lying down on a floor with his pants pulled down, with indications that he has been given electric shocks through wires attached to his crotch.

The images were first spread by well-known propagandists, so-called military bloggers and channels that, through previous publications, can be assumed to have good contacts in Russia’s security system.

Suspected terrorist Saidakrami Murodali Ratjabalizoda is led through the court building by police and FSB. He has a large bandage on his head after being seen getting his ear cut off in a movie clip.Bandaged Head

On Sunday, the man was identified as Shamsidin Fariduni in a Moscow courtroom, where he sat in the accused’s glass cage with clear signs of severe violence.

A total of four men have been arrested and charged by Russian authorities with the murder at the Crocus City Hall event venue last Friday night, where more than 130 people were killed. They are said to be from Tajikistan.

Another of the four was shown in footage where a man in military uniform cuts off one of his ears and tries to get him to eat it. He appeared in court with his head bandaged.

A third suspect came to court with a bruised face and the remains of a taped plastic bag around his neck. The fourth man was wheeled into a wheelchair, barely conscious.

The youngest of the four suspected terrorists, 19-year-old Muchammadsobir Fajzov, was wheeled into court after receiving intensive care. Half a million rubles?

The men say under violent pressure that they have been in contact with a client via social media. Shamsidin Fariduni says in the film clips that he received half of 500,000 roubles, equivalent to just under 60,000 kroner.

Three of the four have been in Russia for at least several months. From media reports and interrogations, they appear to have been living in a hostel in the Moscow area since the beginning of March. Sjamsidin Fariduni is seen visiting Crocus City Hall at another concert on March 7. He and another suspect are reported to have visited the premises several times recently.

The extremist group IS claims to be behind the attack and has shown footage recorded by the perpetrators. In the clips, at least two perpetrators are seen wearing the same clothes as two of the suspects killing several people in brutal ways, notes news site Agentstvo.