Outstanding sci-fi sequel that really upset a star of the original

Outstanding sci fi sequel that really upset a star of the

Master director Ridley Scott is not only responsible for the sci-fi horror Alien, but in 1982 he gave us another sci-fi classic with Blade Runner, which with its dark atmosphere convincedScott was also supposed to direct the sequel, which was released 35 years later, but was unable to do so due to scheduling difficulties. only act as a producer.

Instead, the post went to Dune director Denis Villeneuvewho already showed in Blade Runner 2049 that he knows how to stage visually stunning sci-fi adventures in an atmospheric way. The successful sequel, however, has upset one of the stars of the original. Blade Runner 2049 is on TV today.This is what the sci-fi blockbuster Blade Runner: 2049 with Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford is about

30 years after the disappearance of ex-cop Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford), the world has evolved and a long-kept secret to come to lightthat could shake the whole society to its foundations. The missing Deckard must be found urgently, and so police officer K (Ryan Gosling) goes in search of him.


Rachael as a digital character in Blade Runner 2049

After argument with Scott: Sean Young will only appear digitally in Blade Runner 2049

Harrison Ford breathed new life into his old character after 35 years, and Edward James Olmos was also allowed to return to the set, only to become an original star apparently deliberately made a wide detourActress Sean Young played the role of Rachael in the original. In the sequel, this character was played by Loren Peta and then digitally revisedso that she looked like Young.

“Wasn’t that so shitty?”Young answers when asked if she sees the scene as final insult from Scott In March 2021, she told Variety that Ridley Scott had made several advances to her on set, which she rejected. After that, there was no further collaboration and she was promptly replaced digitally – even though her character in the sci-fi sequel was in a emotional key scene becomes.

Admittedly, Technologically, the scene is a masterpiecewhich the team responsible worked on for a year. But it could certainly have been rejuvenated digitally. So their resentment seems justified when the Film benefits from her rolebut she was not allowed to participate actively.

When will the sci-fi sequel Blade Runner: 2049 be on TV?

The atmospheric sci-fi drama runs on today Tuesday, June 11th at 20:15 on NitroThere is no repeat, but you can stream Blade Runner: 2049 at any time with a subscription on Amazon Prime.

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