Outstanding sci-fi epic starring Brad Pitt that hardly anyone has seen

1663681419 Outstanding sci fi epic starring Brad Pitt that hardly anyone has

Blockbuster cinema is often said to be boring and despondent. Always the same stories and characters: This observation is certainly true, but there are also exceptions. Ad Astra – To the Stars is one of them. The outstanding science fiction film with Brad Pitt you should definitely put your watch list.

Ad Astra was released in September 2022, but with little success. James Gray’s first blockbuster outing grossed just $135 million, which is on a budget of $100 million (excluding marketing costs) as financial disappointment has gone down in the history books of Hollywood.

Science fiction epic on Amazon Prime: With Ad Astra, James Gray has created a brilliant blockbuster

Still, you should give Gray’s first (and possibly last) foray into blockbuster cinema a chance. Because Ad Astra is an extraordinary film in every respect. Gray unites the calm, thoughtful images his previous films with Brad Pitt’s sad look and breathtaking space panoramas.

You can watch the Ad Astra trailer here:

Ad Astra – Trailer (German) HD

Ad Astra takes you to a future in which mankind has successfully conquered space. A colony on the moon is just the beginning: the one embodied by Brad Pitt Astronaut Roy McBride it even goes as far as Mars and Neptune. It was there that his missing father was last seen.

A journey into the unknown is the common thread of Ad Astra, which moves somewhere between 2001: A Space Odyssey and Apocalypse Now. Deeper and deeper we penetrate into the darkness of space. The entire film feels like one of Solitude drenched fever dreamthrough which we pass out.

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