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Stina Nilsson is charging for her third season as a biathlete.
Now she talks openly about her expectations for a new winter with the rifle.
– The last season I feel a lot of pride in, says the Swede to the site ländig.se.

It has been 2.5 years Stina Nilsson surprised everyone with her shock announcement, leaving cross-country skiing at the peak of her career. Instead, she needed a completely new challenge and switched sports to biathlon.

Nilsson’s change

Two seasons later, the Swede is now ready for the next big step in his new career. Ahead of his third season as a biathlete, the 29-year-old opens up about his biathlon efforts so far and how difficult it has been to switch from traditional cross-country skiing.
– I would say that the transition has been exactly as I expected. When I switched to biathlon I knew it was a challenge, and if it hadn’t been a challenge I wouldn’t have taken this step. I want it to be difficult and challenging in order for it to be tickling and exciting enough to keep doing, says Stina to the site lånding.se.

211127 Stina Nilsson of Sweden after competing in women’s 15 km individual during the IBU Biathlon World Cup on November 27, 2021 in Östersund. Photo: Maxim Thore / BILDBYRÅN / code MT / MT0256

The first season was mostly a “see and learn” experience for Nilsson, who really had to fight to reach the World Cup. And in the very last race of her debut season, she managed to reach the highest level in biathlon.

Stina’s success

Last season was her first full World Cup and Stina feels very satisfied with her performance.
– In my first season as a biathlete, I made a World Cup weekend, so when I look back at the last season, I feel a lot of pride in what I accomplished. I feel like I made extremely big strides in my quest to become a better biathlete. And it is clear that the golden grain is Kontiolahti, she says in the interview.

200422 Stina Nilsson during biathlon training on April 22, 2020 in Östersund. Photo: Johan Axelsson / BILDBYRÅN / Cop 245

Stina Nilsson is of course talking about the World Cup competition in Kontiolahti in Finland earlier this year, where she managed to secure an individual podium for the first time. A clear receipt that she can already challenge the world’s elite if everything is right with the shooting and skating.
– Of course, the podium in Kontiolahti was a very good confirmation of how far my capacity goes. In biathlon, it’s true that there are good days, and then there are days when nothing goes right. And there is a difference between cross-country skiing and biathlon; because in biathlon “everyone can win”. If you shoot full and have a good day on the track, there are all possibilities. And it swings fast; even if you shoot six bars in total in one sprint, you can shoot 0+0 or 0+1 the next day and be in the running for the victory. It’s awesome, says Nilsson to the sports site.

On November 29, the new season kicks off again and then Kontiolahti will once again host the World Cup premiere. We’ll see if Stina can repeat her success in Finland then.

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