Östersund’s stores are seeking countermeasures against new frauds

Because a shop owner reacted so quickly, the fraudsters could be caught and it then turned out that several shops had been defrauded.

– There will always be new ways to be deceived, so we have to be awake, says Charlotte Abrahamsson at a clothing store.

Calle Hedman at Destination Östersund is probably the one who has the best grip on the stores:

– I don’t think this particular variant has occurred before in Östersund, but now I know that several stores have set a limit for how large swish purchases they accept, he says.

But then, if I swipe you, your phone will ring and you can see that the money has arrived. Is it that much more difficult to have a similar system in a store?

– Yes it is. Especially if it is a larger chain, says Calle Hedman.

But Charlotte Abrahamsson, who has her own shop, has solved this.

– We have a phone that rings. It is a good investment to order for that service, she says.